Dedicated COVID-19 Hospitals

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Oxygen Bed: N/A {{Item.AllocatedBeds - (Item.OccupiedConfirmed+Item.OccupiedSuspect)}} 0
ICU Bed: N/A {{Item.AllocatedICUBeds - Item.OccupiedICUBeds}} 0
Ventilator Bed: N/A {{Item.AllocatedVentilators - Item.OccupiedVentilators}} 0
{{Item.ContactNumber}} N/A
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HelpLine Number: 108, 1950
Beds Occupancy Details: N/A Means Hospital don't have facility for this type of bed.
Allocated Oxygen Beds Occupied Oxygen Beds Allocated ICU Beds Occupied ICU Beds Allocated Ventilator Beds Occupied Ventilator Beds
N/A {{Item.AllocatedBeds}} 0 N/A {{Item.OccupiedConfirmed+Item.OccupiedSuspect}} 0 N/A {{Item.AllocatedICUBeds}} 0 N/A {{Item.OccupiedICUBeds}} 0 N/A {{Item.AllocatedVentilators}} 0 N/A {{Item.OccupiedVentilators}} 0